Bewitched, Bothered and Beheaded

Tara K. Reed is currently developing Bewitched, Bothered and Beheaded – a series of interactive, alternative history novels that allow readers to role-play as Henry VIII’s six wives. Readers can live each queen’s historically accurate life or make divergent choices along the way, changing her story and history.

As Henry’s first wife and one-third of history’s most infamous love triangle, Catherine of Aragon is the subject of Book One. Alternate paths will explore:

    • A world with King Arthur.
    • A widowed Catherine remarrying outside of England. 
    • The legitimization of King Henry’s bastard son, Henry Fitzroy.
  • Efforts by Charles the Holy Roman Emperor to rescue Katherine and her daughter, Mary, while defending Roman Catholicism in England.

Future titles will feature Tudor queens in chronological order:

    • Anne Boleyn
    • Jane Seymour
    • Anne of Cleves
    • Catherine Howard
  • Katherine Parr

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