“The End” is Only the Beginning.

Are you an expert at the game of love? Find out in LOVE HIM NOT, an interactive unromantic comedy where YOU become the protagonist. As Elle Masters, you’ll navigate hundreds of familiar dating dilemmas and passionate predicaments inspired by popular advice books and modern romance. Each choice is more complicated than the last, and the stakes are raised with each turn of the page, but you’ll have backup from Elle’s best friends, Rachel and Valerie, who put the “antics” in “romantics.”

With 60 endings ranging from “I don’t know what happened!” to “I do,” don’t be surprised if art imitates life and you throw this book across the room… only to pick it up and try again. One more time. Because, unlike real life, when you don’t like the outcome, you can go back to a pivotal moment and explore the path not taken, or even start over at the beginning to see if you can find one of two “happy” endings.

CHEATS & SHEETS: Need a helping hand keeping your choices straight and finding those Happily Ever Afters? No problem! Click Here to get your printable Heart-A-Track to chart where you’ve been and where you’re going. Want to skip the trials and head straight to the fibrillations? Send a link to your Amazon review to tara[at]Doorflower.com to receive the LOVE HIM NOT “Happy” Endings Map!

“Tara K. Reed’s LOVE HIM NOT possesses all those juicy traits of modern-day courtship: the support of great friends, the goosebumps over the guy, the over-thinking as intimacy grows or ebbs, and the delirium when things go right. Readers guide the loveable Elle Masters toward many futures with Mr. Wright in this fun, witty book. The author manages to find nearly every real-life situation a couple endures on the way to (potential) romantic bliss, which makes the story relatable and incredibly hard to put down.” – Patience Bloom, Romance is My Day Job 


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