Dating Do-Overs and Romantic Regrets Wanted!

Who doesn’t have a few dozen romantic regrets? A phone call gone unanswered, an invitation rejected too quickly, a wardrobe malfunction people are still talking about.. I want to hear one of yours for a Doorflower Dating Do-Over – a blog series featuring authors and bloggers who dish on decisions they’d redo if given the chance.



All You Need:

  • Your most hilarious or heart-wrenching dating D’oh!
  • 500-750 words on this story written by you!
  • A head shot / logo / or cover image of your most recent book to include with the post.
  • To let me know if there’s a special date you’re working toward and I’ll do my best to schedule it then!
  • Share it far and wide! (I’ll share them on my website, twitter (two accounts), Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, focused on readers and voracious daters alike!


To see published samples from past guest posters – here you go!  Contact me at tara[at] to sign up or ask any questions.


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DoorflowerDating Do-Overs and Romantic Regrets Wanted!

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