Doorflower 2014 Freebie List: TIFF Edition

Somewhere in North America, someone’s writing a screenplay called The Freebie List.


I know this because I keep saying I’m going to write a shenanigans-infused script by the same name – full of misunderstandings, hijinks and a Mindy Kaling cameo – but I’m busy coming up with new ideas I’ll never follow through on, so the prospect is unlikely.


So with my neighbourhood currently crawling with celebrities here for the Toronto International Film Festival (tiff for short), I figured I’d update my To Do Freebie List, because I’ve read writing things down increases the probability they’ll happen + proximity = science.


If you’re not familiar with the concept of the Freebie List, Chandler Bing explains…



Yes, Manly is fully aware of my list (and has his own). Though he may be unsettled by how many members of mine are regularly in Toronto. Like, right now. People usually cap lists at five, but I’m cray-cray and goin’ to 10! I reserve the right to adjust this list on a whim (or after a particularly good dream) at any point in the future.


10. Chris Evans – Gotta love a good-looking dude who doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t afraid of playing a ridiculous caricature of himself, like his role in Scott Pilgrim v. The World. And What’s Your Number? Yeah…


9. Scott Speedman – Indicative of my apparent fetish for Canadian and British boys, Scott was born in England but raised here in Toronto. He’s can pull off adorable, goofy and sexy with one facial expression. He’ll always be Ben Covington to me. (Does telling you that we had head shots by the same photographer make me looney? Meh.)


8. Benedict Cumberbatch – Ben and his Cumberbatch are the male J Law. A true chameleon, there’s nothing this guy doesn’t make look (and sound) absolutely sexy. Even the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I caught my second brief glance of Ben on Tuesday outside a premiere. Or maybe it was his assistant. I was 16 floors above in my apartment.


7. Joseph Morgan – You may not know his name, but you’ve seen him around. The former Big Bad on The Vampire Diaries now stars in his own spinoff, The Originals as Klaus, the Werewolf Vampire Hybrid King. He’s got that British accent I love, and he gives great evil.



6. Ian Somerhalder – Surely, I’m in the majority on this. It’s not just the Somerhalder Smoulder. He’s incredibly philanthropic and uses his fame for planet and animal-saving good via The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. (Plus, he likes Canadian girls.)


5. Ryan Gosling – I rushed home from school everyday to catch Breaker High as a girl of 14. A poster boy for the adorkable class-clown who turns into a mega-babe, Gosling’s also self-deprecating and humble despite the pop culture insanity that comes with being him. Plus, he’s Canadian and I’m patriotic.


4. Henry Cavill – One day you wake up and say, “Why haven’t I watched everything he’s ever done 12 times by now?” And then you do. And you don’t regret it (except for The Cold Light of Day). Henry’s at this number to keep him humble. This way, when I someday tell him about this prestigious list and he finds out he’s not Number One, he’ll develop a complex that makes me basically irresistible.


3. Stephen Amell – This Torontonian thing is getting out of hand. And have you seen Arrow? I’m fangirling like crazy over Olicity. Partly due to super-talented, Canadian Emily Bett Rickards (Felicty Smoak), but mostly because of Amell who is 90 kinds of babe and a great actor. To boot? This charitable fellow is genuinely engaged with fans on social media. And because this:


Stephen Amell in Arrow Series Premiere

2. Charlie HunnamSons of Anarchy isn’t everyone’s cup of Harley, but it’s mine! The biggest draw being Hunnama-Hunnam. He’s got a voice made for guided meditations (the way your electric massager is meant for your back). While I was  disappointed he pulled out of 50 Shades (perfect choice), I’m glad Charlie won’t have to deal with the anticipated flop of the franchise. He’s the next Brad Pitt. You heard it here first.


1. Tom Hardy – This is like saying, “I like chocolate.” Of course you like chocolate, but this chocolate is covered in muscle and tattoos, has a voice like gin, raps incredibly well, and has a set of pillow lips that make Angelina jealous. Like Benedict, Tom was just across the way from me the other night. I heard the screams, but I didn’t look outside. #FreebieListFail


That’s my list. You can find a board featuring these fellas, and the runners up, on Pinterest. Who’s on your list? I want to know. Tell me in the comments!


Tara Lee Reed

DoorflowerDoorflower 2014 Freebie List: TIFF Edition

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