Doorflower Dating Do-over: When Yes Should’ve Been No by Arleen Williams

Today’s Doorflower Dating-Do-over comes to us from Arleen Williams who is promoting her book, Biking Uphill.


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When we think of moments we’d like to re-do, turn back the hands of time and start over again, we often think in terms of the things we wish we had done: the call we didn’t answer, the friend we let slip away, the opportunity we were afraid to chance. And yes, I have a few of those. But the moment in my life I would most like the chance to relive was the one when I said yes instead of saying no.

I should’ve said no and saved us both years of pain. But I was lonely, naive and far from home. I’d been living Mexico City for three years when he opened his heart and his home to me. He gave me his family and I felt safe. But not passionate. I felt friendship, not love. Not in love. I know that now, twenty-twenty vision and all that. But not then. Not thirty years ago. Not when I married a friend for all the wrong reasons.

We were divorced three years later.

Arleen Williams

To learn more about Arleen visit the other stops on her CLP Blog Tour, buy the book at Amazon, or check out her bio below!


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Arleen Williams is the author of two books: Running Secrets, the first novel in The Alki Trilogy, and The Thirty-Ninth Victim, a memoir of her family’s journey
before and after her sister’s murder. She teaches English as a Second Language at South Seattle College and has worked with immigrants and refugees for close to three decades. Arleen lives and writes in West Seattle. To learn more, please visit

DoorflowerDoorflower Dating Do-over: When Yes Should’ve Been No by Arleen Williams

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